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      Emirates Airline Flight Booking

      About Emirates Airlines

      Emirates Airline, headquartered in, Dubai, is the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. It is also the largest airline in the Middle East, owned entirely by the Dubai government. This airline has over 3600 weekly flights. The EMIRATES fleet consists of 300 aircraft, including wide-body Airbus 360 and Boeing aircraft. In terms of passenger traffic and revenue, Emirates Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the world. The airline serves 150+ cities across six continents and 80 countries. Flybix is committed to providing you the best flight ticket deals on Emirates Airlines. We even scan our unpublished inventories to offer you the best price on one-way and round-way flight tickets.

      Types of Emirates Airlines Cabins

      Economy Class

      The main cabin offers number of amenities at an affordable price. Passengers can order their in-flight meal up to 12 hours before departure. Economy Class Passengers are given free access to movies and TV shows, as well as to a collection of books and magazines. You will have access to Wi-Fi for greater connectivity. Feel free to enjoy your go-to apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

      Premium Economy

      Enjoy your ride with around 4 inches more legroom than the main cabin. Passengers will have access to better Wi-Fi. On your own device, you can watch movies and select TV series for free. You can order your in-flight meal online within a period of 2 weeks to 20 hours before the departure.

      Business Class

      You can check up to two standard-sized baggages in Business class without paying an additional service fee. The seats provide the ideal balance of productivity and comfort when on the move. You will also get access to super-fast wifi and a vast collection of E-books enjoy your favourite authors.

      First Class

      First-class passengers have priority access to both on-board and off-board services. Carry only two bags and you will be given priority throughout the journey. To ensure your comfort in the air, the seats offer a 6-way adjustable headrest and a padded articulating seat cushion.

      Emirates Airlines Check-in Methods

      Airport Counter Check-in

      The good old conventional way of checking in is still the most reliable way to check-in, courtesy of the airline staff.

      Mobile Check-in

      Feel free to use Emirates Airlines’ official mobile application. All you need is confirmation ID.

      Web Check-in

      You also have the option to use Emirates Airlines’ official website to check-in. In order to do so, you need both the confirmation ID and the reference number.

      Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

      Carry-On Baggage

      With handles and wheels, your carry-on bag should not exceed the 9x22x22 inches dimensions. A personal bag with maximum dimensions of 9x10x17 inches is also permitted.

      Check-In Baggage

      A normal bag allowed for check-in measures (length, breadth, and height) 62 inches from the outside; United Economy passengers are permitted to carry 23 kg, while first and business class passengers are permitted to carry 32 kg.

      Travelling With Pets

      Domesticated small dogs and cats are allowed to travel with passengers. Others may be transported outside the cabin in cages in accordance with United Arab Emirates pet travel rules and standards.

      Emirates Airlines Customer Support

      Emirates Airlines support can be reached via a number of modes, but it varies widely across countries. So the best way to reach Emirates Airlines Customer Support is via the official website’s help section.

      Popular Emirates Airline destinations

      Airline Hub:

      Dubai International Airport

      Call Sign:



      Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Popular Route:

      New York City - Dubai

      Popular Destinations:

      Athens, Dubai, Newark

      Top Emirates Airline Destinations

      Flight to


      Flight to

      New York City

      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


      Emirates Airline Travel Insights

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      Flights to John F. Kennedy International Airport

      Flights to Suvarnabhumi International Airport

      Flights to Calgary International Airport

      Flights to Edmonton International Airport

      Flights to Frankfurt International Airport

      Flights to Seattle Tacoma International Airport

      Flights to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

      Flights to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

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      Flights from Calgary to Toronto

      Flights from Calgary to Vancouver

      Flights from Toronto to Vancouver

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