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      AirAsia Flight Ticket Booking

      About AirAsia

      AirAsia is a low-cost airline headquartered in Malaysia. The airlines began its operation in November 1996. It has a fleet of 250+ aircrafts which serve more than 160 destinations, courtesy of its subsidiaries. AirAsia’s primary hub is based out of Kuala Lumpur. In case you didn’t know, it is the largest airline in Malaysia both in terms of destinations and fleet size.

      The airline operates at US$ 0.023 – the world’s lowest unit cost per available seat kilometre (ASK). Skytrax has named AirAsia as the best low-cost airlines back-to-back for 11 years. Flybix is committed to providing you the best deals on all AirAsia flights. So book your flight tickets today.

      AirAsia Cabin Seats

      If you are travelling in any of the Airbus A320 aircrafts, you would have the option to choose from the following seats:

      Hot Seats

      Hot Seats, which are located in the plane’s front and emergency escape rows, have a pitch of up to 29″ and a width of 16-17″. On the first and emergency exit rows, passengers may even stretch out with at least 20.3″ of legroom. Passengers who have booked this seat also enjoy priority boarding.

      Standard Seats

      The Standard Seats of AirAsia are made up of good quality leather. The seats come with a width of 16-17” and a pitch of 28”. You’ll have a great journey with AirAsia’s standard seats, despite the affordable pricing which may force you to think the opposite.

      In case you are travelling by any of the Airbus A330 aircrafts, you’ll have access to more options besides the ones mentioned above, for instance:

      Twin Seats

      This set of seats is ideal for couples and best friends who are travelling together.  With no strangers on either side, lovebirds can enjoy their privacy during the entire journey.

      Premium Flatbed

      The Premium Flatbed boasts a seat 19” wide and having a 59” pitch. The best part about this seat is that you can convert it into a flatbed whenever desired. It is loaded with a number of many jaw-dropping features and benefits as well.

      Quiet Zone

      Are you a passenger that likes complete peace and tranquillity during your entire air journey? These cabins on the A330 aircraft live up to its name primarily because of its minimal noise with no disturbances (even kids below the age of 10 are not permitted); soft ambient lighting; faster pace at which the meals are served.

      AirAsia Baggage Policy

      If you are travelling by AirAsia, you can carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage, which could be either of one cabin baggage or one laptop bag or one small bag or a handbag.

      Cabin Baggage Policies

      The maximum permissible dimensions for AirAsia’s cabin baggage are 56cm (H) X 36cm (W) X 23cm (D). And it MUST FIT in the overhead storage compartment, of course.

      Small Bag/Handbag/Laptop Bag Policies

      The maximum permissible dimensions for your laptop bag, hand bag or small bag are 40cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 10cm (L). And it MUST FIT under the seat in front.

      Please note that the total weight of both cabin baggage pieces must not exceed 7kg.

      AirAsia Customer Support

      Depending on the nature of your problem, you can connect with the concerned support department through AirAsia’s official website. Just head over to this link and select the relevant category for which you need help.

      AirAsia Top Flight Deals

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      Popular AirAsia destinations

      Airline Hub:

      Kuala Lumpur International Airport

      Call Sign:

      Air Asia


      Sepang, Malaysia

      Popular Route:

      Kuching - Kuala Lumpur

      Popular Destinations:

      Bangkok, Jakarta

      Top AirAsia Destinations

      Flight to


      Flight to

      New York City

      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


      AirAsia Travel Insights

      Top AirAsia Airports

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      Flights to Beijing International Airport

      Flights to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

      Flights to Kuching International Airport

      Flights to Edmonton International Airport

      Flights to Frankfurt International Airport

      Flights to Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport

      Flights to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

      Flights to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

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      Flights from Beijing to California

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