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      About Norwegian Air Shuttle

      Norwegian Air Shuttle is a low-cost airline that is both Norway’s largest and Europe’s fourth largest low-cost carrier in terms of passenger traffic. Norwegian Air Shuttle provides frequent domestic flights as well as international flights to over 15 countries. Norwegian Airlines and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Norwegian Air Sweden and Norwegian Air Norway, operate the airline’s services. The airline began operations in 1993. The Norwegian Air Shuttle fleet consists of 67 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. On a daily basis, the airline travels to 106 destinations. In case you are looking for the best one-way and round-trip flight deals, Flybix is here to help! We even scan our unpublished inventories to get you a great deal.

      Norwegian Airlines Cabin Types

      Economy Class

      Economy class seats have a special relaxing mechanism that ensures greater comfort on long-haul flights. Wi-fi is accessible throughout the fleet, boasting high speeds. This cabin provides access to on-demand movies and TV series, as well as. Every seat has an electrical outlet. Free food and soft drinks are available at all times. Depending on the departure schedule, the airline crew will treat you with a delicious snack following take-off. If your flight arrives early in the morning, they will provide you with breakfast or a snack. Economy class passengers do not miss out on many of the Norwegian Air Shuttle primary features.

      Business Class

      Business Class passengers can request food for their flight up to 24 hours in advance. Seats are large and comfortable, with a 40-inch pitch and power outlets. The convenience of checking-in two baggages, priority check-in and boarding are some of the premium benefits offered to business class travellers of Norwegian Air Shuttle. While flying, this cabin is equipped with 20x high-speed Wi-Fi for connectivity. Business Class flyers get exclusive access to airport lounges at major hubs.

      First Class

      First-class guests can request food for their flight up to 24 hours in advance. Seats are the most spacious, with a generous recline of 40 inches and power outlets. The convenience of checking-in two baggages; priority check-in and boarding are a few perks that these. While flying, this portion is equipped with 20x high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. “First-Class” travellers have access to exclusive lounges where they can relax and rejuvenate.

      Norwegian Air Shuttle Check-In Modes

      Mobile Check-in

      You can download the airlines’ official mobile app from the play store (android) and app store (mac). Register with your account 24 hours prior to the departure or check in as a guest. With this method, you can directly download the boarding pass to your phone or tablet.

      Web Check-in

      Feel free to check-in through the company’s official website at All you need to do so is your booking confirmation number.

      Airport Check-in Counter

      This is the good ol’ traditional method of checking-in. You just need to show up at the check-in desk and you shall be good to go.

      Airport Kiosk

      The majority of airports today provide the option to check-in through kiosks, using which you can check in all by yourself, without any external help. Make sure to keep your PNR number and customer reference number handy.

      Baggage Policy of Norwegian Air Shuttle

      Carry-on Baggage

       Your carry-on bag should have maximum dimensions of 9x22x22 inches with handles and wheels to fit in the overhead bin. A personal bag with maximum dimensions of 9x10x17 inches is also permitted.

      Check-in Baggage

      A standard bag measures (length, breadth, and height) 62 inches from the outside; economy passengers are allowed 23 kg, and business class passengers are allowed 32 kg.

      Travelling with Pets

      If the cats/dogs are well-acquainted, they can travel in the same crate. They must be of roughly similar size (maximum weight: 14 kg/animal). Please note that it is illegal to transport a dog and a cat in the same crate. Your pets must be carried in separate cages or kennels in case they do not match these requirements.

      Sports Luggage

      Sports equipment exceeds your free baggage allowance; surcharges apply depending on the type of sport equipment. A ticket service fee is also paid, which is computed in accordance with the place of departure. The sum is between 10 and 20 Euros. At check-in, only pre-registered sports luggage weighing up to 32 kg and measuring up to 3.15 m in length will be accepted.

      Carrying Musical Instruments

      Passengers are permitted to bring small musical instruments on board, provided that the hand baggage allowance is not exceeded for your fare type. In case you wish to carry a larger instrument, for example a violin, you can do so by carrying it in place of your carry-on bag. Norwegian Air Shuttle does not allow instruments larger than 90x35x20cm.

      Norwegian Air Shuttle Customer Support

      For Flight Booking or General Enquiries, you can reach out to the official Norwegian Air Shuttle support at:

      • Denmark: +45 70 80 78 80
      • Finland: +358 (0)9 231 01 600
      • France: +33 (0) 97 07 38 001
      • Germany: +49 (800) 5895000
      • Italy: +390 694 802756
      • Norway: +47 21 49 00 15
      • Spain: +34 902 848 080
      • Sweden: +46 (0)770 45 77 00
      • Other countries: +47 2149 00 15

      We at Flybix are committed to helping you out with any concerns that you may have. Our support agents are always on their toes to answer your calls.

      Popular Norwegian Air Shuttle Destinations

      Airline Hub:

      Bergen; Copenhagen; Oslo-Gardermoen; Oslo-Rygge; Stavanger; Stockholm- Arlanda; Trondhein; Warsaw

      Call Sign:



      Diamanten, Fornebu, Baerum, Norway

      Popular Route:

      Paris - New York City

      Popular Destinations:

      Oslo, Los Angeles, Barcelona

      Top Norwegian Air Shuttle Destinations

      Flight to


      Flight to

      New York City

      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


      Flight to


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